Another Good Night (2014)

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(© Eric Bogle. - Larriken Music Sydney) This song tells the life story of a cocky farmer from New South Wales in Australia. Rob's wife Lenora insisted that we put this one on the recording.
(Author Unknown) I learned this song from a great Irish peformer, Dermot Henry, who now resides in the U.S.A. (Sean)
(Dick Farrelly) D'Arcy Broderick put together a great arrangement of this song about 17 years ago. I heard it on a live radio broadcast at the time. (Rob)
(Traditional) I remember writing out the words of this song in 1988 and it is still one of my favorites today. (Sean)
(Liam Reilly) I recall hearing this song as a child…Jimmy Carton's version of course. The story is of how the next generation of Irish find new possibilities "across the pond". (Rob)
(Kevin Sheerin) A long time personal favorite of mine that tells of a much sought after beautiful tinker girl from Ireland. (Sean)
(Traditional) This song has been one of our trademark songs over the dozen or so years that we have been playing together. It originated as a Scottish ballad called "Jock Stewart" or "A Man You Don't Meet Everyday". This one is for Shane!
(© Robbie O'Connell 1993, Slievenamon Music [BMI] ) All about wanting to be in two places at once. A funny song to which many can relate. (Rob)
(Kieran Wade) I fell in love with this song several years back when I heard Ireland's Sean Keane sing it at The Newfoundland & Labrador Folk Festival at Bannerman Park in St. John's. (Sean)
(Traditional) I first heard this song from my Uncle Carl back in my teen years. I promised myself that it would be included if an album was to be made some day. (Rob)
(Barney Rush) This song is always a crowd pleaser at the Irish bars downtown. We especially love the button accordion work by Aaron Collis on this one.
(Tommy Makem) I always enjoyed Dermot O'Reilly's version of this song. Our inclusion of this song is a tribute to Dermot as well as the writer. No album would be complete without a Tommy Makem song. (Rob)
(Traditional) The title of this selection comes from the birth of a beautiful instrument. My father made an octave mandola for me two years ago. It's the instrument I have wanted as long as I have been able to play anything. Being made by my Dad makes it truly special. (Rob)
(Roy Taylor) Another personal favorite and one of those late night song requests that always comes up when there are only five or six of us left at a session on Meaney's Lane in Calvert. (Sean)
(©Rob Slaney) I was named after my grandfather, Robert Michael. Although he passed at the age of 35, I have always felt as though he was a huge part of my life. He was a miner in St. Lawrence and like most men of his generation, was taken from us far too soon.


* Songs arranged by Sean and Rob