Rob Slaney

Rob Slaney is from Marystown on the Burin Peninsula and now lives in Witless Bay with his wife, Lenora, and two children, Isaac and Sarah. 

Rob is a talented multi-instrumentalist and a beautiful ballad singer.  He first took to the guitar and soon followed with mandolin in his early teens. Recently he has a new favorite instrument, an octave mandola, that was handcrafted by his father, Carlo.


Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan hails from Calvert on the Southern Shore of Newfoundland and is married to Angela Hewitt from Trepassey. He remembers growing up surrounded by wonderful unaccompanied singing by his mother, grandfather, uncles and aunts at an early age. It wasn’t  long before he regularly joined in the sessions with some of his other siblings. He learned to play rhythm guitar in his early twenties and has been singing in some form or another ever since.